About Us

Just a little about us: The Richmond Playwrights Forum is composed of playwrights of varying levels of skill and experience. We meet monthly to share what we’ve written, to get feedback, support… and refreshments!  Each member is encouraged to present a piece they’ve written at least once a year at a table reading, and helpful critiques are offered by the group. Rewriting is just as important as writing, and so is the opportunity to stage a piece once it’s had a table reading.  So we endeavor to present staged readings and productions to the public at least once a year.  Many of our members have had great success with their plays both locally and nationally. Look for news of our playwrights elsewhere on this website, along with helpful links and an archive of photos from our “Showcase of New Plays” in July 2014 and August 2013 performed at the Theatre Gym in Richmond.